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What's New About Our Site!

The purpose of this page is to help educate you as to the uses and properties of herbs, natural formulas, products for vital nutrition, better health, including your pet's health and better living. We have divided our site into sub-sections to better serve you. Should there be a specific topic for which you would like information and do not find it here, please contact us by phone, e-mail or snail-mail, as the amount of information we have available would make this site far too long.

Please note that complete lists of herbs, vitamins, minerals and supplements can be very extensive. Should you be interested in a product that you do not see listed on this Web Site, please send us an e-mail and let us know about it and we will do out best to locate it for you!

New Services and Products!

Hair Analysis: Check for specific nutrient and mineral deficiencies such as calcium and magnesium, and toxicity, such as lead, mercury, etc. Nutritional suggestions are included. $175.00

Hormone testing: Test one or several hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc. $275.00

Xylitol Sugar!

All natural sugar, Xylitol is made from birch trees and corn cob. It does not adversely affect blood sugar and is safe for both diabetics and hypoglycemics. It takes just like sugar with no after taste. Best of all it looks and measures just like sugar and you can bake with it, cook with it and create hundreds of new recipes without the adverse effects of processed sugar.

Here are more benefits of Xylitol:

  • does not promote tooth decay
  • 75% fewer calories than sugar
  • low on the glycemic index (7 on the scale. Sugar is 97)
  • promotes weight loss
  • tastes great and has no aftertaste
  • boosts the immune system and reduces ear infections in children by 40%
  • fights plaque, improves breath odor, strengthens tooth enamel
  • extremely helpful in weight loss programs
  • does not foster the growth of yeast (candida albicans)
  • fat free
  • can be combined with olive oil for an inexpensive facial (ask us for the recipe)
  • ideal for coffee, tea, cereal, etc.

Serving size: 1 teaspoon: 9.6 calories per teaspoon (40% less than sugar) 4 grams of carbohydrates

Xylitol is sold in a 2 lb. canister for $14.95 plus shipping. California residents add applicable sales tax.

Q2 Energy Spa: The Q2 Energy Spa is an energetically charged "ball" which is immersed in a small tub of warm water in which the person soaks their feet. Historically, it has been used for chronic pain, diabetic neuropathy and circulation problems. $45.00 per soak

Independent Distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products

All information contained in this Web Site is for educational purposes only and not intended to treat or diagnose illness or disease, nor is medical advice implied or intended. For medical advice, seek the care of a health professional. All herbs are presented herein according to historical uses and/or testimonials.

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